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Is cool sculpting for you?

If you are in the general area of your ideal body weight, if you have stubborn fat that you cannot get rid of with exercise and you're interested in a painless non-surgical fat reduction treatment! 

How long do results last?

Results will last indefinitely. This is because once Coolsculpt kills off the fat cells they do not come back. if you do gain weight after your procedure you may gain fat back in the treated area. Some patients will see results In as little as 2-3 weeks and will continue to see full results in 3-5 months as the fat cells are expelled from the body. 

What areas can you treat?

At our Durant location we treat 

  • inner and outer thighs 

  • banana roll {fat underneath butt}

  • arms 

  • belly fat

  • bra fat

 How much fat does Coolsculpt remove? What is the downtime?

Coolsculpt can remove 20-25% of of fat cells in one area. It can remove up to 5-8 liters of body fat. There is little to no downtime. Most people are approved to resume daily activities. Minor redness and soreness does occur in some patients. All minor side effects subside in a few weeks.


Elite patient who received two treatments on the love handle areas on her stomach, these are her own pictures two weeks after her treatment! {not all patients see results this quick}

I received a cool sculpting treatment at elite medical spa. I am very impressed with my results and the staff made me feel very comfortable. 

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